Why People Love Bellissimo Lashes

Why Do People Love Bellissimo Lashes

Well at the time of writing this we have just received our 100th Google Review. This is fantastic! But what makes this even better is that they’re all genuine 5* reviews from clients. It’s my birthday week so the timing couldn’t be better. To say we’re pretty proud of ourselves is an understatement. We continually work hard to be the best at what we do so we’re delighted that this hard work pays off and our effort is reflected in our feedback time and time again. Deepest thanks to each and every one of you who have taken a few moments over the years to write these reviews for us and help our small business.

Here are some key points we notice being repeated in many of our reviews:


Our lashes really last.

Many places will have you return for refills in just 2 weeks. Who has time for this? Our clients don’t need to. They go minimum 3 weeks for classic lashes and 4 weeks for hybrid and sculpt sets. This is much better value for money. What’s not to love!


Friendly and professional staff.

We will welcome you into our salon and make you feel comfortable. We love to meet new people and get to know you. But we take our cues from you. If you’d like to chat we’re happy to chat, if you prefer to enjoy the quiet time, well this is fine too. Many ladies are relaxed enough to take a nap. It’s your appointment, your way.


Great quality.

Time and again we have ladies tell us that they’re surprised that our lash extensions feel so soft and comfortable. No cheap plastic extensions here, only the best quality will do. You should not be able to feel your extensions, they shouldn’t snag or irritate or feel heavy.


Compliments right up to refill time.

So many of our beautiful ladies get compliments on their lash extensions right up to when they are due for refill. What could be better than consistently having great lashes? If you follow our aftercare advice, you should have an even fall out leaving a nice spread on both eyes right up to refill time.


Attention to detail.

A surprising one to be noticed so often but we feel it really is the little things in life that make a big difference. So we strive to add the little touches to our services, and everywhere. From communication about your appointment, welcoming you to our salon and making you comfortable, lashing every useable lash, to using the best drop-shaped spoolies, right through to your free bottle of Bellissimo lash shampoo with your first full set appointment.

Why not take a few moments to read some of our reviews – and you can see their gorgeous lashes too!

Come and see why our ladies love Bellissimo Lashes. Experience the Bellissimo Difference, then let us know your thoughts.