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See below for our eyelash extension services and prices

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Full set of eyelash extensions

$170Classic eyelash extensions. This is a perfect starter set for a classic mascara look.
$200Hybrid eyelash extensions. This set is a mixture of our Classic and Signature Sculpted Volume lashes. The perfect in between.
$240Signature Sculpted Volume eyelash extensions. Our Signature set. Not too over the top but a full and fluffy set of amazing lashes.
Luxury classic eyelash extensions

Classic eyelash extensions

Go luxury for a full but natural/mascara look

Hybrid eyelash extensions

Hybrid eyelash extensions

We use lighter, softer lash fibres to give a fluffy yet natural look

Volume eyelash extensions

Signature Sculpted Volume eyelash extensions

The full and dramatic look

*Individual results do vary and will depend on the length, strength and volume of your natural lashes

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Eyelash extension refills

Our standard refill cycle is 3-4 weeks for Classic lash extensions and 4-5 weeks for Hybrid and Signature Sculpted Volume lash extensions.  50% of lash extensions must remain in place from previous appointment.

90% of our clients fit into these refill cycles however your refill period may vary and will ultimately be dictated by your personal lash cycle and aftercare routine.

$95Classic refill – 3-4 weeks. 50% extensions remaining.
$105Hybrid refill – 4-5 weeks. 50% extensions remaining.
$120Signature Sculpted Volume refill – 4-5 weeks. 50% extensions remaining.

Extended refills may be offered providing there are 25% of lash extensions remaining after the outgrown lashes have been removed. Extended refills will incur a surcharge depending on remaining extensions.

Refills after 5 weeks may be considered a full set, this will be determined at your appointment.

**Please note: If you have had lash extensions applied by another salon you may need to have them removed. If they have been applied correctly we are very happy to just refill them. We will NOT be able to confirm this until you are at the salon.

Eyebrow services

$90Eyebrow makeover. Wax, sculpt customisation and tint
$70Eyebrow wax and sculpt customisation
$30Eyebrow tint

Other services

$45Patch test. 10 eyelash extensions per eye, for the purpose of patch testing only.
$45Eyelash extension removal
$65Emergency removal of lash extensions applied at another salon (or $25 with a full new set)
$15Excess make up removal

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