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Here are our most frequently asked questions

We have broken them down into sections about the eyelash extensions, your appointment as well as maintenance and after care to help you find the right answers

Frequently asked questions about eyelash extensions

Individual eyelash extensions are synthetic silk or mink strands of hair, attached to your natural eyelashes, lash by lash, using an odourless bonding agent.

The synthetic lashes are applied to your natural eyelashes, one lash at a time, with an odourless adhesive 1-2mm from the skin. Neither the glue nor the synthetic lash will come in contact with your skin.

Lash extensions are most commonly made from synthetic silk or synthetic mink. We primarily use synthetic silk as we prefer the more defined curl and extra shine over other materials.

You can either let the eyelash extensions fall out naturally, this will take 2-3 months depending on your natural cycle. If you can’t wait that long then book an eyelash extension removal appointment with Bellissimo Lashes so we can remove them for you using professional remover to minimise damage to your natural lashes. Please DO NOT pull at the lashes yourself as you are likely to remove your natural lash with the extension which could damage the hair follicle.

No, when professionally applied, correctly and with care, this procedure is no more damaging than applying mascara.

The treatment time will depend on the lash service selected. Generally we allow 2 hours for your initial consultation and treatment, however we will always give you an indication upon booking your treatment.

Each lash extension will last anywhere between a few days and 3 months. Your natural lash cycle is 60-90 days and each eyelash is in a different stage of the lash cycle. You lose between 3-5 natural lashes per eye per day! This is why we recommend refills every 3-5 weeks so you should have 50% lash extensions remaining when you return.

There is always the possibility of a reaction with any beauty treatment. If you have sensitive skin or have any other allergies we would recommend booking a patch test service at least 24 hours before a full set is applied. In the same way you should do a patch test for hair dye and other cosmetic treatments you should also patch test before eyelash extensions.

Yes. Your natural lash cycle means there are always lashes in different stages of the cycle. You lose between 3-5 natural lashes per eye per day and as we cover every usable lash there will be some eyelash extensions that fall out quickly and others that remain until your refill appointment.

Your lash refill should be booked for 3-5 weeks after your initial appointment depending on your chosen lash service and after care. We will be able to guide you and book in your refill at your first appointment.

It is not recommended to use a curler or mascara. Mascara embeds itself in your lashes and will interfere with the adhesive bonding, shortening the life of your lash extensions. A curler will damage the lash extensions either by bending or snapping them.

Yes it is safe to wear contacts when you have eyelash extensions however we do advise that they are removed before the treatment as a safety precaution.

Frequently asked questions about your appointment

At your first appointment we will consult with you to discover your expectations and plan your perfect lash look.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, with no eye make up and contact lenses removed.

We generally advise not to bring any children with you to your lash appointment as you will be lying down with your eyes closed and unable to supervise your child. Many clients enjoy the relaxation time a lash appointment brings.

No, contact lenses should be removed for the duration of the appointment and can be put back in immediately afterwards.

Eye make up should not be worn for your appointment as it will interfere with the adhesive bonding and shorten the life of your lash extensions.

This varies from person to person as we don’t all have the same number of natural eyelashes. Here at Bellissimo Lashes we extend every usable lash and don’t count the extensions. Many salons will limit the number of extensions however our technique means the results are tailored to you.

Your appointment slot will depend on the lash service selected. We will always tell you how long your appointment should last.

There is no cancellation fee for appointments that are cancelled with more than 24 hours notice. If you do not show to a scheduled appointment, or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, then 100% of your appointment fee will be applied.

Frequently asked questions about maintenance and after care

Looking after your lash extensions is easy. Brush them in the morning and after a shower. Wash them with your lash cleanser solution daily. You will be given a lash after care card at your first visit, read this and follow the simple instructions.

No, now that you have Bellissimo Lashes you can throw away your mascara. Some clients do like to use a small amount of mascara when they are due a refill. We recommend using water-based mascara only and blinking into the mascara wand. Don’t brush the mascara into your lash extensions as they may clump together.

No. There are activities that will shorten the lifespan of the lashes and/or affect the lash extensions. For example, steam rooms and saunas will straighten the curl of the lash extensions, sun cream and any oil based products will start to break down the adhesive if it gets into your lashes. Keep your lashes and lash extensions clean with your cleanser. Getting too close to the oven, a fire pit or even a cigarette lighter can burn/singe the lash extensions.

Around 1 hour depending which refill you would like and how many lashes need to be applied. At your refill you should have 50% extensions remaining from your previous appointment.

You should use a Q-tip cotton bud to get close to the lash line without rubbing the lashes too much.

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