The best individual eyelash extensions Brisbane has to offer!

Lash sculpt eyelash extensions Brisbane
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So why do we say we have the best eyelash extensions Brisbane has to offer? Here at Bellissimo Lashes we specialise in eyelash extensions. We are based in Carina, Brisbane and focus our attention on our strengths; handcrafted eyelash extensions.

We provide a comfortable environment in a beautiful salon where you can sit back, relax and be pampered. Many clients feel they could fall asleep during the process, and often do!

Our trained professionals will extend your natural lashes, one lash at a time, customising them to your preferred look. You’re welcome to bring along an iPod to listen to while you unwind with your eyes closed.

Have your eyelash extensions done in our intimate salon room in Carina, next to Carindale and Cannon Hill. We are easily accessible via car or bus and there is plentiful parking just outside. Call us to discuss your requirements or to book an appointment.

Wedding Eyelash Extensions

Avoid running mascara on your wedding day and look fabulous all day and night, as well as on your honeymoon! Eyelash extensions should be on every brides must-have list. Come and visit us in Carina, Brisbane, or contact us about our mobile eyelash extensions service. This is ideal for you and your bridesmaids, and can be done 1 or 2 days before so they’re fresh and full without impacting your busy wedding morning.

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Why Bellissimo Lashes?

Eyelash extensions are our forte! We like to think we have the best eyelash extensions Brisbane has to offer.

Unlike many other salons we don’t focus on the number of lash extensions that we use and instead we concentrate on extending every one of your natural lashes with appropriate lash extensions, based on the length and strength of each natural lash. We pride ourselves on providing you with our signature 5-star service, reflected in all of our Google reviews, which will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered.

Have you had a bad experience with lash extensions, or heard of one? Don’t worry, we have to! We often need to help to remove eyelash extensions that have been applied incorrectly by another lash technician and can also add new extensions. Even if your natural lashes have been damaged. We specialise in lash rehab and will apply suitable extensions for your current lash base. Then, over time, we can build up to the look you require as your natural lashes recover.

Our expertise means we won’t use lash extensions that are too long or too heavy for your natural lashes, so not only will they look fabulous, your natural eyelashes won’t be damaged.

Here at Bellissimo Lashes our core principles are Quality, Consistency, Longevity and Training, and these are reflected in everything we do, at the salon and also in our day to day lives. Read more about this on our About page.

Still not sure? A picture paints a thousand words, so check out our 5* client reviews and SEE their lashes too!

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Brisbane
*Genuine Bellissimo Lashes client photo

Eyelash Extensions Brisbane

Come and visit our beautiful, tranquil treatment room in Carina, Brisbane and have your eyelash extensions expertly applied by a trained professional.
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Wedding eyelash extensions Brisbane

Get the WOW Factor

Have you ever looked at someone and thought “wow what mascara does she use” or “she has amazing lashes”. I know I have, and they’re always false eyelashes. Although DIY strip lashes can provide a quick solution, they often look obvious, and can actually cause damage when used regularly. Having eyelash extensions applied by a trained professional means thicker, longer lashes that last longer and complement your look and individual style. With professional eyelash extensions from Bellissimo Lashes you can be sure they will define your perfect shape to make you look in the mirror and think WOW!

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Brow Services

Did you know, Bellissimo Lashes also offer brow waxing and tinting!  Applying eyelash extensions takes time to master, but once we conquered this art we quickly realised that eyebrows needed attention too.

While your eyelashes are the frame for the window to the soul, your eyebrows can shape and change your entire face. As each face is different, each treatment at Bellissimo Lashes is also unique and perfectly tailored to you.

Beautifully sculpted lashes and brows can change your appearance dramatically. Now you can come to us for both, and boost your confidence with one appointment. Contact us to book.