What is a Lash Break and Do You Need One?

What is a Lash break and do you need one?

It sounds simple, a lash break is when you take some time out from lash extensions to give your natural lashes a break.

Sounds awful, right? So do you need one? Well we’re here to let you know that, with Bellissimo Lashes, this is most definitely a MYTH!

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We have had many clients over the years that have been advised, from other lash artists, that they need to take a lash break. This did used to be the case, but lash extensions have come a long way since they became popular and, thankfully, this is no longer true. Lash extensions can now be applied indefinitely, as long as they are healthy.

So what are healthy lash extensions?

Healthy lash extensions are those that do not hinder your lash cycle. In brief, lash extensions should be attached to your natural lashes. They must be applied correctly, to individual natural lashes and not to more than one lash. Your natural lashes must also not be given too much weight or length to carry as this will damage them over time. Your natural lashes then grow and will naturally fall out (3-5 per eye per day would you believe!) A new eyelash will then grow in its place. This is why you continually lose your lash extensions and require regular refills to keep them full and fluffy. At any one time you will have many lashes in each stage of the lash cycle.

Bellissimo Lashes only ever use your healthy natural lashes and not your baby lashes. We let these grow and they will be ready at your next refill.

As long as your natural lashes are not over-extended or put under undue pressure from heavy lash extensions then the lash cycle will continue without compromise. This means you will always have a healthy natural lash base which is able to maintain regular lash extensions and refills.

Here at Bellissimo Lashes your natural lash health is paramount! Which means we can continue to refill your lash extensions for as long as you would like them. All you gotta do is follow our aftercare advice, easy peasy!

So if you don’t want to take a lash break, and let’s face it, who does? Give us a call and let’s chat!

But what if I’ve had unhealthy lash extensions in the past?

Don’t worry if you have had unhealthy lashes applied elsewhere we still may not need a lash break. We can still extend your naturals with something more appropriate while we go through a rehab period and nurse your naturals back to full health. With each refill your naturals will be stronger and able to support more. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!